Natural gas move from Turkey! It will be the 3rd in Europe

Turkey is preparing to have the 3rd largest capacity in Europe with the capacity increases in natural gas tanks.

According to the data compiled by the AA correspondent, Turkey, which has made serious investments in pipelines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities, offshore gas and oil exploration fleet in the field of natural gas supply and processing infrastructure in recent years, has intensified its efforts to increase the capacities in natural gas storage facilities.

Currently, Turkey’s two storage facilities, namely the Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facility with a capacity of 4.6 billion cubic meters and the Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage Facility with a capacity of 1.2 billion cubic meters, constitute important components of the natural gas infrastructure.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar, in his statement on December 30, said regarding the Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facility, “We are working on a project that will increase the capacity here to 5.6 or 6 billion cubic meters, that is, an additional capacity of 1 billion cubic meters. In the next 2-3 years.” “We want to further increase the capacity of the facility within the year.” he said.

It is aimed to increase the capacity of the Tuz Gölü Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility, one of the facilities with a gas storage capacity of 5.8 billion cubic meters, to 8.8 billion cubic meters by 2028 with the expansion works, thus reaching the total capacity to 14.4 billion cubic meters.

Europe has approximately 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas storage capacity. Germany ranks 1st with a capacity of 24 billion cubic meters, and Italy ranks 2nd with a capacity of 16 billion cubic meters.

Turkey, which has 40 years of experience in the use of natural gas in electricity generation and heating, aims to have the 3rd largest capacity in Europe with the warehouse expansion works to be completed by 2028.

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