Emphasis on Maastricht criteria from Minister Şimşek! Determination in financial discipline showed its effect

Şimşek made an evaluation to the AA correspondent regarding the 2023 central government budget realization results.

Pointing out that the budget deficit was realized as 1 trillion 375 billion liras, approximately 258 billion liras below the Medium Term Program (MTP) expectations, Şimşek said, “The ratio of the budget deficit to national income was 5.4 percent, 1 point below the MTP predictions of 6.4 percent. “Excluding earthquake expenses, this rate is at 1.7 percent.” he said.

While Şimşek stated that higher than anticipated revenue collection was effective in this positive outlook in the budget deficit, “Effective tax audits carried out throughout the country, a strong fight against the informal economy and efforts to accelerate collection were decisive in this increase in revenue performance.” he said.


Providing information about the work carried out, Şimşek said that the debtors were contacted one-on-one and the necessary information was given to them to pay their debts. While Şimşek stated that debtors who are unable to pay at once are assisted through installments, “Necessary enforcement actions have been taken for debtors who are not inclined to pay. When we look at the expense side, although more resources were transferred for earthquake-related needs, a view was compatible with the MTP. In expenditures excluding earthquakes “An understanding has been adopted that is compatible with the fiscal discipline target, meets priority needs and does not create any additional burden for the coming years.” made his assessment.

Minister Şimşek stated that while an expenditure of 762 billion liras was envisaged for earthquake-related needs, the year-end spending amount reached 950 billion liras, and said:

“The ratio of earthquake expenditures to national income is 3.7 percent. When we exclude these temporary expenditures, the ratio of the budget deficit to national income is 1.7 percent, below the Maastricht criterion. The budget results demonstrate our determination to achieve the program targets and re-establish fiscal discipline.” shows.”

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