11 billion dollars of automobile exports were made to 112 countries

The automotive industry, which reached an all-time record of 35 billion dollars by increasing its exports by 13 percent last year compared to 2022, has also achieved significant momentum in passenger cars.

The sector’s passenger car export amount, which was 9 billion 264 million 786 thousand dollars in 2022, increased by 19.40 percent to 11 billion 62 million 802 thousand dollars in 2023. Passenger cars constituted 31.60 percent of the total exports of the automotive industry.

8 of the 10 countries where the most passenger cars were sold were European countries, which are the main markets of the sector on a regional basis.

Automobile manufacturers realized more than half of the total exports to the top 4 countries, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Exports of passenger cars to France, the main export market, increased by 41.29 percent compared to 2022, increasing from 1 billion 517 million 960 thousand dollars to 2 billion 144 million 860 thousand dollars.

Manufacturers increased exports to Italy by 28.42 percent, from 898 million 803 thousand dollars to 1 billion 154 million 329 thousand dollars.

Last year, exports to Spain, where exports amounted to 818 million 708 thousand dollars in 2022, were recorded as 1 billion 142 million 98 thousand dollars, with an increase of 39.50 percent.

Exports to the United Kingdom, which were 1 billion 63 million 753 thousand dollars the previous year, reached 1 billion 125 million 43 thousand dollars in 2023, with an increase of 5.76 percent.

It was determined that passenger car exports made by sector representatives to France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom constituted 50.31 percent of the total exports in this field.

Dramatic increase in exports to Algeria and Libya

Passenger car sales from Turkey to Algeria last year increased by 66 times, from 4 million 200 thousand dollars to 278 million 207 thousand dollars.

It was observed that exports to Libya, with exports of 2 million 62 thousand dollars in 2022, increased more than 20 times last year and reached 43 million 83 thousand dollars.

In addition, 837 million 68 thousand to Poland, 806 million to Germany, 449 million 124 thousand to Slovenia, 322 million 661 thousand to Belgium, 231 million 492 thousand to the Netherlands, 206 million to Sweden, which are among Turkey’s important export markets. Passenger cars worth 814 million dollars were exported.

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